Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone?! .......however, it is still legal and encouraged to soak the holidays for all it is worth by still listening to Christmas music and/or leave your decor up until New Years.

I do hope you and your kin had a most merry Christmas! Ours was simply wonderful......delicious food, unforgettable family conversations, Grayson's GIGANTIC mouth opened wide with excitement, and so much more. I truly got everything on my grown up Christmas list. 

disclaimer: We are the worst at remembering to take pictures of memorable events.

So, I apologize for these random pics but at least we tried, right?


I must share a short anecdote & I promise I will make it quick......
Scott and I were at Target a few days before Christmas (not only do we not document our lives with pictures like we should, but we also clinically so).  While we were checking out we noticed a sweet down syndrome boy in his late 20's make his way behind an empty checkout counter. He rustled the  plastic bags a few times & waved his hands in a way that looked as if he were an employee flagging down customers.  *Not even the employee of the month could be as eager to get to work as this young man was. It was adorable!* Within seconds, a woman with a cart full of items parked her cart in the lane and started unloading.  Again! This young man was a poster Target employee! Quickly and efficiently he scanned each item and bagged them with style.  Not until her entire cart was bagged, did she finally realize what happened.  It was THE best Target shopping experience I have ever had.  It probably was a lot more entertaining in actuality, but it really brightened my day.  Afterall, we should all be that happy and eager to help out, even if it means jumping behind a checkout counter.  : )  I love people. 

Back to Christmas pictures....



Jenny said...

Your hair is so cute, Shaila!

shailapew said...

Thanks, Jenny! That makes my day.

AUBREY said...

I agree on the hair comment, I've been wanting to see it too, since you mentioned it. Also WOW he looks soooo much like Scott in those pictures.

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