Monday, March 28, 2011

He's 1! 15 more years, ladies.


I can't believe my baby is one!
Where has the time gone?

Grayson is no longer that little peanut that I would cuddle day and night.  In fact, he is quite the opposite.....he is busy!  Grayson's new adventures/accomplishments include:
  • saying mama and dada....and I swear he knows what they mean!
  • my mom taught him just last week how to say 'thank you.' Cutest thing ever!!!
  • apparently I say 'uh oh' alot......because my little boy says it all the time.
  • he took four steps last week!!! (I must say he is a little scared to do it again for the time being.)
  • he cruises around the house holding onto walls, couches, chairs, etc.
  • he has quite the sense of humor...I mean come on....he is Scott Pew's son.  He does this laugh where he scrunches his nose and forces out a very loud laugh. If any of you have seen Scott do this, you would be amazed at how alike they are. 
  • he climbs on, under, and through just about anything....I know this is the case when I hear him yell MAMA in a desperate tone of voice.
  • he is starting to get picky about textures of bueno.
  • he knows how to take off his diapers......that's when I say UH OH!
....the list goes on and on.  I love this little boy! He is a handful of energy and packed with his own opinion, but he keeps me well entertained.  There are those little moments when he is getting sleepy or forgets that there are toys everywhere that he will cuddle close to me and gently rub my back or play with my fingers. Oh! It is payment in full and then some!  I am far from being an amazing mother, but I do believe I am blessed with an amazing son.

  Happy first birthday, Grayson! I look forward to seeing that wide mouth smile again and again in the years to come. 

-Love, Mom

He may look like his dad.....but he eats like his MADRE!!! : )

I regret not taking pics of the birthday decorations I put together. I am NOT crafty, but thanks to Martha Stewart and her brilliance....I had some pretty cute things.  Darn.  Like I mentioned before in other posts, we are not the best at documenting things with pictures.  That should be my new years resolution! Ta Ta for now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deviiillish D-Drive

I am sorry.  I have been a super duper wuper pooper bad blogger.  You kind souls that welcomed me into this blogging world, I ask for your forgiveness.  Many moons ago.....I believe I announced that I had a story to share to all of you about my missing "precious" a.k.a. wedding ring.  Shortly thereafter, I disappeared from the blogging 'scene' until now.....thanks to a whole series of technical computer issues.  Since then, I have had to relearn how to download pictures and them retrieve them from the oh so lovely DEATH drive.....I mean D drive.  Now, my photos which are no longer visible until you open the actual file are labeled with nonsense like "P230563468." 

.......just imagine trying to hunt down a certain photo.


Luckily for ya'll, I have no life right now (Scott is taking the MCAT in three weeks, hence the lack of a life) so I guess you can say I have a little bit of time on my hands.  I am sorry to say that I won't be sharing my story of the ring tonight due to the fact that I am ready to collapse onto my memory foam mattress as if it were a cloud made of jumbo jealous.......(CONFESSION: our mattress was given to us by a sister in our ward that Scott home taught.  It is our only claim to luxury living, but I will take it, baby!!!)

**curse you tangents!

Essentially, I just wanted to announce that I am back in full swing having learned new skills to defeat the dark arts of the D drive.  I am so sorry for the delay of my story, but I promise it will come in due time with pictures to boot! I hope my 3 readers.....hi mom, dad, Scott......will forgive me. 

Stay tuned for hilarious pics/videos of Grayson's first birthday!
May you have an absolutely lovely Sunday tomorrow!