Friday, January 20, 2012

I am almost 2!

My name is Grayson Pew.

I am almost 2 yrs. old.

I can run faster with this hat on.  Don't doubt it.

I am invisible underneath these blankets. One of my many super powers.

I miscalculated my waistline. Thank you whole milk and dino nuggets.

I always bless my food with my hands clasped together like my pal Mr. Kruger.
(Mr. Kruger's Christmas)

I rock the argyle sweater just like my pops.

I am boycotting Fisherprice by playing only with 'non-toy' items like this mighty fine box.

I have a pretty good choreographed tantrum, but I am best known for my huge smile. 

I am Grayson Pew and I am almost 2!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

WE ARE BACK! **victory dance**

The Pew's are back!!

Thank you Costco for bringing back my connection to the world through our new laptop. Joy!  It seems so long ago since I have blogged (heck! since I have really been social whatsoever) I feel like the tin man from The Wizard of Oz, still searching for my oil can.  Where to begin? 

I guess it is obvious from our picture above that we have a new addition to our family.  Small in stature, yet gigantic in personality....I proudly introduce.....

Griffin Joseph Pew

Born on November 5, 2011
6 lb. 3 oz. 20 in.

Griffin surprised us all by arriving nearly 4 weeks early.  Our neighbors used to comment on how huge and low I carried him and insisted that I would never reach my due date....well....guess those elderly ladies knew what they were talking about. : ) Contractions woke me up around midnight consistently every 15 minutes and like clock work each hour, became closer and closer til they were five minutes apart.  I remember watching Seinfeld for awhile before waking up Scott when they started getting stronger.  Still, I was not convinced that I was in actual was much too early (so I thought). As a result, Scott and I killed some time playing card games taking breaks when contractions would hit.  Once they started getting quite painful and five minutes apart we thought we should be safe and head to the hospital....but we were STILL not convinced that this was it.  After dropping off Grayson at my in laws around 3:30am and warning them that we will probably be back in an hour or so after the contractions stop.....
....still not convinced....

 Scott sped to the hospital (his lifelong dream) and they admitted us immediately.  They soon checked me and said that I was already at a six. Since I never was tested for strepB, it took awhile for them to contact the doctor on call to ask if I should receive medicine or not so I labored some more in that gosh darn uncomfortable triage bed. UGH. By this time, my contractions were painful enough to 'get me out of bed'....meaning that I started reaching for things and people= not good.  One of the nurses walked by my little bunker when one of these dandy little contractions hit and started yelling..."get her an epidural now!"  (I think I would be great friends with this nurse.) So, just like in those hollywood movies they were puttin' papers down on my huge mountain of a stomach for me to sign while rolling me to the delivery room. One of my best friends in the entire world (the anesthesiologist) was waiting for me and in between Satan's idea of fun (my contractions), they gave me the oh so wonderful epidural.  I still can't believe how fast everything went after that.  Moments after I got comfy, they started rolling in tables and gadgets galore announcing that Dr. Beck (the stallion of obgyns) would be there any minute.  Once Dr. B arrived it was suddenly time to push...wait what!? I had been prepared to at least watch an episode or two of The Cosby Show.  20 minutes later a sweet little boy was placed on my chest looking up at me.  He was oh so tiny, but healthy. What more could I ask?  I was absolutely in love....again.  I had worried that I wouldn't have 'enough' love to give this second boy of mine since I already loved Scott and Grayson so so much. But my love 'triangle' now was a love 'square'..... all four of us connected by an everlasting love.  

Welcome to our family, Griffin. Let the good times roll.

 My awesome delivery nurse, Katie.  She was the reason I was able to push my first son, Grayson, out. We were so excited to have her again for Griffin, though it was a much easier delivery.

 Surprise! 24 hours before this photo we did NOT expect to have a son just yet. Crazy!

Thank you, Sarah Garner, for these adorable photos of our little guy. Anyone want a great photographer? I got her number....

Friday, April 8, 2011

You've Got A Friend In Me....

Wouldn't you agree that Buzz Lightyear and Woody have the ideal friendship?  confession: I cried in Toy Story 3.  Ya....those toys can really pull at your heart strings. by golly!

Today, my post is a little different than usual.  It isn't for anyone else other than myself.  Lately, I have felt a little distant from the people around me, particularly my friends.  For lack of better words, I sat in my apartment feeling.....odd.  Not sad or mad.....odd.  (just nod your head like you understand me. gracias.)  It stemmed from an activity that I attended  where I seemed to go unnoticed for the most part.  Don't get me wrong....I like to be invisible at times! And I sure as heck don't crave attention....ummm.....NO. Like all human beings, however, I love to have friends.  You know, the people who make you feel comfortable and you can't help but smile when you are around them no matter the topic of conversation.  Sometimes, your friend tank just gets a little lower than at other times.  This is life.  That is when reality fades away and....
**the sound of a cynder block hitting my head.

Ya, I needed that. 
I realized at that point that it wasn't that people were avoiding me like I was the Old Maid. It was my fault for not being a friend first.  Back in the day, I was pretty good at my friend making skills but diaper changing and goo goo ga ga has made me pretty rusty in the friend department.  Do not FRET, dear friends or shall I say computer screen that is staring at me.  I decided that in order to have a friend you need to be a friend. ya....super profound....don't laugh.  

So, ya.  I love ya'll who have shared your smiles and laughs with me & I am excited for the future and the new friends that it will bring.  Forgive me for my neglect and laziness as an amiga to all of you.  I am determined to try my best at being open and willing to put myself out there and discover the happiness from finding a new friend and continuing to always be that friend no matter where life takes you.  

yada, yada, yada. is some random pictures of friends from the past.... love ya all!

"You've got troubles, well I've got 'em too
There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you
We stick together and we see it through
You've got a friend in me"
(lyrics from You've Got A Friend In Me)

Goal this something nice for someone! Brighten a day, hey!

Monday, March 28, 2011

He's 1! 15 more years, ladies.


I can't believe my baby is one!
Where has the time gone?

Grayson is no longer that little peanut that I would cuddle day and night.  In fact, he is quite the opposite.....he is busy!  Grayson's new adventures/accomplishments include:
  • saying mama and dada....and I swear he knows what they mean!
  • my mom taught him just last week how to say 'thank you.' Cutest thing ever!!!
  • apparently I say 'uh oh' alot......because my little boy says it all the time.
  • he took four steps last week!!! (I must say he is a little scared to do it again for the time being.)
  • he cruises around the house holding onto walls, couches, chairs, etc.
  • he has quite the sense of humor...I mean come on....he is Scott Pew's son.  He does this laugh where he scrunches his nose and forces out a very loud laugh. If any of you have seen Scott do this, you would be amazed at how alike they are. 
  • he climbs on, under, and through just about anything....I know this is the case when I hear him yell MAMA in a desperate tone of voice.
  • he is starting to get picky about textures of bueno.
  • he knows how to take off his diapers......that's when I say UH OH!
....the list goes on and on.  I love this little boy! He is a handful of energy and packed with his own opinion, but he keeps me well entertained.  There are those little moments when he is getting sleepy or forgets that there are toys everywhere that he will cuddle close to me and gently rub my back or play with my fingers. Oh! It is payment in full and then some!  I am far from being an amazing mother, but I do believe I am blessed with an amazing son.

  Happy first birthday, Grayson! I look forward to seeing that wide mouth smile again and again in the years to come. 

-Love, Mom

He may look like his dad.....but he eats like his MADRE!!! : )

I regret not taking pics of the birthday decorations I put together. I am NOT crafty, but thanks to Martha Stewart and her brilliance....I had some pretty cute things.  Darn.  Like I mentioned before in other posts, we are not the best at documenting things with pictures.  That should be my new years resolution! Ta Ta for now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deviiillish D-Drive

I am sorry.  I have been a super duper wuper pooper bad blogger.  You kind souls that welcomed me into this blogging world, I ask for your forgiveness.  Many moons ago.....I believe I announced that I had a story to share to all of you about my missing "precious" a.k.a. wedding ring.  Shortly thereafter, I disappeared from the blogging 'scene' until now.....thanks to a whole series of technical computer issues.  Since then, I have had to relearn how to download pictures and them retrieve them from the oh so lovely DEATH drive.....I mean D drive.  Now, my photos which are no longer visible until you open the actual file are labeled with nonsense like "P230563468." 

.......just imagine trying to hunt down a certain photo.


Luckily for ya'll, I have no life right now (Scott is taking the MCAT in three weeks, hence the lack of a life) so I guess you can say I have a little bit of time on my hands.  I am sorry to say that I won't be sharing my story of the ring tonight due to the fact that I am ready to collapse onto my memory foam mattress as if it were a cloud made of jumbo jealous.......(CONFESSION: our mattress was given to us by a sister in our ward that Scott home taught.  It is our only claim to luxury living, but I will take it, baby!!!)

**curse you tangents!

Essentially, I just wanted to announce that I am back in full swing having learned new skills to defeat the dark arts of the D drive.  I am so sorry for the delay of my story, but I promise it will come in due time with pictures to boot! I hope my 3 readers.....hi mom, dad, Scott......will forgive me. 

Stay tuned for hilarious pics/videos of Grayson's first birthday!
May you have an absolutely lovely Sunday tomorrow!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Love Lucy!

We don't have TV

Yup-er-eez! (homemade word)

We do have a dvd player

****hip hip hurray!****

dvd player + Cosby Show (every season, I might add) + I Love Lucy (my newest obsession)+ dark chocolate with a side bowl of waffle crisp

= BEST entertainment possible!!!

I double double, back twist, front flip DARE you to try this form of entertaining yourself (especially when your husband is at work late). 

That is all. 

Have a good day!

**new pics tomorrow, folks!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Angelic Karlee!

Dear Sweet Karlee....
Happy Birthday! I sure miss you.  I can't wait to see you again someday. 
Love, Shaila

One of my greatest regrets in life was not savoring Halloween night of 2003.  My mother gave me the responsibility to get my seven year old sister, Karlee, dressed in her beloved full body Scooby Doo costume and take her trick-o-treating near my aunt's house in Springville, UT.  (We were living in Alpine, UT at the time.)  It had been snowing that evening and needless to say, I was less than thrilled to walk through the wet snow while the adults stayed in the nice cozy house eating all sorts of delightful treats....remember I like food.  Grudgingly, I did it. Up and down the streets we went filling pillow cases full of candy.  Being the not so good sister trying to be a semi good sister, I remember being a sidewalk Nazi and making Karlee walk next to me through the crowds so I wouldn't lose her.  Little did I know, as I buckled her in my mom's mini van after our long night of trick-o-treating, I would never see her silly facial expressions and hear her sweet voice again.  Despite my effort to keep her safe, I did lose her. 

My younger brother and I rode with my mom's boyfriend (at the time) in his car with his kids while Karlee and my mom's boyfriend's daughter rode with my mom.  (phew.....that was a complicated sentence!) I remember reaching down to take off my drenched shoes and immediately looked up aftering hearing a loud crash & watching my mom's mini van spin while a large old truck came inches from slamming into us.  Before we even came to a complete stop, my younger brother, Creed, had jumped out of our car.  I saw him run to my mom to see if she was okay (she was fine) & then he made his way to the other side of the van and I heard him yell in unison with my mother's scream.  Karlee, still in her Scooby Doo costume, was lifeless. 

A young man who was high on drugs had run a red light and hit right where she sat.  She had experienced a severe impact to her head.  (She was buckled in.) The sweet down syndrome girl sitting across from Karlee was not harmed at all, luckily.  Miraculously, my entire family was able to get to Primary Children's hospital within 24 hours to be there as Karlee passed on.  It was truly the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.  I won't even try to describe it. 

I am so blessed to have known Karlee for those 7 years here on earth & look forward for our family reunion in heaven. Grayson will love her!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MISSING + BLOCKBUSTER videos of Grayson

MISSING: my energy

Last seen: too tired to even remember

Please contact me if any information is available on what the heck is happening to my body.
Thank you.

This week has had some turbulence mixed with sunny side up kodak moments.  Monday morning, Grayson and I accompanied Scott's family to the Phoenix zoo (which was INSANELY busy).  Grayson was definitely more interested in the birds hopping on the ground than any lion, tiger, or bear. It was great to be with with family and spend time outdoors.  The day ended with a not so good experience making what was supposed to be dinner for a family in my ward.  I didn't have time to go to the store so I decided to bueno, mis amigos.  After two hours of chaos and havoc in the Pew kitchen, I resorted to Domino's pizza.  Thank you giant pizza corporations for putting a 'band-aid' on my anxiety drenched evening.  My pulse thanks you, enormously.

As for Tuesday, it was delightful most of all because it was Scott's birthday! Of course, we went around town eating at all the 'Joe's' restaurants stuffing our stomachs full of food that doesn't come from my kitchen (THANK OUR LUCKY STARS) which burst with flavor, particularly the breakfast from Joe's Farmgrill.


Gulp. Here is where I start looking down at my toes.
After we put Grayson to bed, Scott decided that although we had maxed out our daily caloric intake at lunch, he did want to get his free birthday dozen of krispy kreme donuts.  I decided to sit down in bed and start watching a movie while I waited for him to return.....well....that's the last thing I remember that night.
I fell asleep on my husband's birthday at 8 PM.  He watched a movie alone. He enjoyed his donuts alone.  Sorry, Scott.

Today, I had to resort to Dr. Pepper so that I didn't pass out while watching Grayson (who has decided that he doesn't like taking naps.) get my point.
Sorry, for venting. I promise that my intention is to simply ask why my body is so exhausted?

REWARD: I will cook your family dinner!  (joking. joking. I about gave you a heart attack didn't I?)

Now for your viewing pleasure......

 Grayson likes to get up close and personal with himself with this mirror. It is so funny to watch!

Grayson has started walking a little with this new train toy! My little peanut is growing up.

He loves to play with the sunlight on the walls. Who needs toys?

This is no ordinary child. He reads cookbooks in hopes of teaching his mother how to cook someday. (sigh.)
Once again.....who needs toys!?

Thank you for giving us Pews a moment of your time.
Have a peachy day!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lemony Fresh!

A few days before Christmas, Scott rented a rug doctor & we officially declared WAR on our filthy carpets. There were a few casualties such as the ancient baby food stain nearby the kitchen table, however, none will be missed.  Sure, it wasn't as glamorous as an official carpet cleaning company, but I think for a little could....and it did.  (reference to the "Little Engine That Could" pg. 5) totally kidding about the page #.

Humbling Moment #1: Watching in awe as Scott dumped the almost black water down the drain. 

Pew.....I mean Ewwww.

Humbling Moment #2: We had an 'after' photoshoot during which I had a reality check that my husband is a natural model and I am....not.....but that is okay.....because I can burp while he can't. 

Yup. You read that right, folks. I am not always dainty. Sorry.

Glamour Photoshoot: January 2011

Look at that plush, peachy carpet! It looks mighty fine.

**Results may vary. Terms and conditions may apply. Good looking man not included.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone?! .......however, it is still legal and encouraged to soak the holidays for all it is worth by still listening to Christmas music and/or leave your decor up until New Years.

I do hope you and your kin had a most merry Christmas! Ours was simply wonderful......delicious food, unforgettable family conversations, Grayson's GIGANTIC mouth opened wide with excitement, and so much more. I truly got everything on my grown up Christmas list. 

disclaimer: We are the worst at remembering to take pictures of memorable events.

So, I apologize for these random pics but at least we tried, right?


I must share a short anecdote & I promise I will make it quick......
Scott and I were at Target a few days before Christmas (not only do we not document our lives with pictures like we should, but we also clinically so).  While we were checking out we noticed a sweet down syndrome boy in his late 20's make his way behind an empty checkout counter. He rustled the  plastic bags a few times & waved his hands in a way that looked as if he were an employee flagging down customers.  *Not even the employee of the month could be as eager to get to work as this young man was. It was adorable!* Within seconds, a woman with a cart full of items parked her cart in the lane and started unloading.  Again! This young man was a poster Target employee! Quickly and efficiently he scanned each item and bagged them with style.  Not until her entire cart was bagged, did she finally realize what happened.  It was THE best Target shopping experience I have ever had.  It probably was a lot more entertaining in actuality, but it really brightened my day.  Afterall, we should all be that happy and eager to help out, even if it means jumping behind a checkout counter.  : )  I love people. 

Back to Christmas pictures....