Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deviiillish D-Drive

I am sorry.  I have been a super duper wuper pooper bad blogger.  You kind souls that welcomed me into this blogging world, I ask for your forgiveness.  Many moons ago.....I believe I announced that I had a story to share to all of you about my missing "precious" a.k.a. wedding ring.  Shortly thereafter, I disappeared from the blogging 'scene' until now.....thanks to a whole series of technical computer issues.  Since then, I have had to relearn how to download pictures and them retrieve them from the oh so lovely DEATH drive.....I mean D drive.  Now, my photos which are no longer visible until you open the actual file are labeled with nonsense like "P230563468." 

.......just imagine trying to hunt down a certain photo.


Luckily for ya'll, I have no life right now (Scott is taking the MCAT in three weeks, hence the lack of a life) so I guess you can say I have a little bit of time on my hands.  I am sorry to say that I won't be sharing my story of the ring tonight due to the fact that I am ready to collapse onto my memory foam mattress as if it were a cloud made of jumbo jealous.......(CONFESSION: our mattress was given to us by a sister in our ward that Scott home taught.  It is our only claim to luxury living, but I will take it, baby!!!)

**curse you tangents!

Essentially, I just wanted to announce that I am back in full swing having learned new skills to defeat the dark arts of the D drive.  I am so sorry for the delay of my story, but I promise it will come in due time with pictures to boot! I hope my 3 readers.....hi mom, dad, Scott......will forgive me. 

Stay tuned for hilarious pics/videos of Grayson's first birthday!
May you have an absolutely lovely Sunday tomorrow!



shailapew said...

You have got to be kidding me! The D DRIVE is evil. Apparently, the pictures don't want to show up for this post....i am soooo sorry.

Joe and Becca said...

Well that is a bummer! I hate computer problems! No worries though...I have been a little out of the loup for a while too! :)

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