Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MISSING + BLOCKBUSTER videos of Grayson

MISSING: my energy

Last seen: too tired to even remember

Please contact me if any information is available on what the heck is happening to my body.
Thank you.

This week has had some turbulence mixed with sunny side up kodak moments.  Monday morning, Grayson and I accompanied Scott's family to the Phoenix zoo (which was INSANELY busy).  Grayson was definitely more interested in the birds hopping on the ground than any lion, tiger, or bear. It was great to be with with family and spend time outdoors.  The day ended with a not so good experience making what was supposed to be dinner for a family in my ward.  I didn't have time to go to the store so I decided to bueno, mis amigos.  After two hours of chaos and havoc in the Pew kitchen, I resorted to Domino's pizza.  Thank you giant pizza corporations for putting a 'band-aid' on my anxiety drenched evening.  My pulse thanks you, enormously.

As for Tuesday, it was delightful most of all because it was Scott's birthday! Of course, we went around town eating at all the 'Joe's' restaurants stuffing our stomachs full of food that doesn't come from my kitchen (THANK OUR LUCKY STARS) which burst with flavor, particularly the breakfast from Joe's Farmgrill.


Gulp. Here is where I start looking down at my toes.
After we put Grayson to bed, Scott decided that although we had maxed out our daily caloric intake at lunch, he did want to get his free birthday dozen of krispy kreme donuts.  I decided to sit down in bed and start watching a movie while I waited for him to return.....well....that's the last thing I remember that night.
I fell asleep on my husband's birthday at 8 PM.  He watched a movie alone. He enjoyed his donuts alone.  Sorry, Scott.

Today, I had to resort to Dr. Pepper so that I didn't pass out while watching Grayson (who has decided that he doesn't like taking naps.) get my point.
Sorry, for venting. I promise that my intention is to simply ask why my body is so exhausted?

REWARD: I will cook your family dinner!  (joking. joking. I about gave you a heart attack didn't I?)

Now for your viewing pleasure......

 Grayson likes to get up close and personal with himself with this mirror. It is so funny to watch!

Grayson has started walking a little with this new train toy! My little peanut is growing up.

He loves to play with the sunlight on the walls. Who needs toys?

This is no ordinary child. He reads cookbooks in hopes of teaching his mother how to cook someday. (sigh.)
Once again.....who needs toys!?

Thank you for giving us Pews a moment of your time.
Have a peachy day!


Nikki & Drew said...

ha he's so funny! and such a good page turner! As far as your lack of energy, you do have a baby Shaila. I'm sure you've been pretty go go go since having him, so your body is finally just fighting back. thats my guess.

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